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Our latest beauty, the Pink Lotus Yoga Hammock featuring a printed lotus flower pattern. We can now fulfill our "padmalaya" dream, living on lotus flower. Delicate yet sturdy, stunningly beautiful to watch from the outside and deeply relaxing bathing in colours from the inside.

A wonderful tool that will deepen and refresh your yoga practice. Yoga hammocks support your body weight and thereby allow you to achieve deep stretches and yoga postures in a more relaxing way as well as developing core strength. Allow gravity to do the work with you, decompressing the spine, opening into back-bends and so much more- great fun, strengthening exercise and deep relaxation in one. Children love them too!

Our aerial yoga hammocks measure 5m x 2.8m and are designed to be hung from an aerial yoga rig, ceiling point or a strong tree. Our yoga hammock kits are complete, ready to be used.

Each kit contains :
5m x 2.8m high quality yoga swing fabric
. Aerial silk is a fabric combining lightness and great weight bearing capacity. Our hammock fabrics are designed to be safe, slightly elastic, anti- skidding, non-electrostatic, anti-laddering and washable @ 30 degrees!  These fabrics have passed CE certification for maximum loading capacity of 250kg.
2 grey daisy chains.
Allowing you to adjust the length of your rigging made from high tensile thread
2 carabiners
made from cast iron.
1 PINK NAMASTE carry bag

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