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The Best Organic Blanket
Premium quality

These premium quality hand-crafted blankets are truly special, so we could not resist them! They may not fit your yoga bag, but they can be used at home for meditation, savasana and yoga nidra practise and general home embellishment and comfort!
Made in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India according to fair trade standards.

Outer Material: organic cotton Filling: 100 % cotton Print: natural plant dye, hand block printing technique

Length: 75”, 1.90m Width: 50” , 1.27m

Handcrafted Blankets
Our Blankets are handcrafted using the finest cotton fibers. The slight variations in color, texture and finish are the uniqueness of the human hand crafting. Creating each product is a lengthy process rooted in the crafts-based traditions of hand spinning, dying, weaving and wood block printing. This craft is a 2000 year old traditional method. We use both vegetable dyes and commercial dyes with the goal of minimizing our impact on the environment while striving for the best color properties. For our bleaching process we use only hydrogen peroxide which is completely biodegradable.
The fabric is pre-washed and soaked for 24 hours to remove all starch, oil, dust, or any other contaminants.
1. The fabric is “yellow” dyed in a harda solution, which allows the natural dyes to adhere to the fabric and become colorfast. Harda is extracted from fruits of the myrobalan plant (terminlia chebula). The yellow dyed fabric is dried in open fields under the bright Indian sun. The fabric is now a yellowish cream color (unique to the Bagru printing process) and is ready for printing.
2. The yellow dyed fabric is spread and smoothed on long padded printing tables. The printer gently taps the wooden block in a tray of the proper colored dye. He then applies the block to the fabric carefully lining up the corners correctly and gives one hard swift hit to the center of the block to ensure even distribution of the dye.
3. After all the printing is complete, the fabric is left to dry for 2-3 days before it is washed. Once the fabric is thoroughly dried, it is boiled in a large copper pot with a mixture of natural ingredients, including alum and various flowers. The fabric is constantly stirred as it is boiled to keep the fabric from burning on the bottom of the pot. After boiling the fabric is once again washed to remove any excess dyes or dirt, and again dried in the sun.

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About Pink Namaste

We believe that we can be catalysts for change, doing what we love. It is time for new business models to replace the old.

Since 2004, Pink Namaste supports small cooperatives, fair trade and traditional art forms. We aim to use recycled and organic materials in our manufacture, wherever possible.

Completing the circle we support social and environmental projects in India. Up to date we have financed tailoring lessons for ladies near Mysore, training sessions in organic farming for tribal people in Karnataka, and are currently supporting the making of an organic garden farm near Mysore.
We believe that business can be fun,
creative and benefit everybody involved, from producers and managers through to customers.

Help us to grow the circle of love by enjoying our products, becoming our friend and telling people about us.

We live Yoga and we also organize Yoga workshops and fund-raising events.