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How to Hang an Aerial Yoga Swing From Your Ceiling

Pink Namaste Yoga hammock kits come pre-assembled and ready to hang.

​How to Hang a Yoga Swing From Your Ceiling

The Beam

Safety first!
Make sure you have a beam in your ceiling strong enough to support your weight. You will need at least a 4×4 or 2×6. A 2×4 is not strong enough.
Use a stud finder to locate a beam in your ceiling. If you do not know what size it is you will need to be able to see it. This means either attic access or exposing the beam.
If all you have is a 2×4 you can have a professional reinforce the entire length of the beam and stabilize the ends.
When in doubt, always consult a professional. Safety first!

​ The Suspension

Now that you have found a strong beam you will need to install either a ceiling plate or eye bolt.

Our Yoga hammocks require two points of suspension, i.e., two ceiling plates or eye bolts. These should be spaced around shoulder width apart.
If you are installing eye bolts they will need to be at least 7/16” thick. Make sure they are installed vertically into the beam and not at an angle.
If you are using a ceiling plate, make sure it is placed in the center of the beam so all four screws go cleanly into the beam.
It is best to consult a professional for this step as well!

You can get then via Amazon in this link: https://amzn.eu/d/62t6oLb

​ The Height

The Yoga hammock should normally be installed with the saddle at about hip height, so that you can have about 5-10” between your head and the floor on inversions. Different heights of the swing are suitable for different types of exercises. You can try different set-ups, adjusting the height by using the daisychains or adjusting and retying the knots of the hammock to find the best level for yourself.
If you have a taller ceiling,  you will need the nylon daisy chains or a strong rope to lower the swing to a usable height.

Space hammocks at least 4-6 feet from a wall. We recommend at least a 5-6 foot diameter of space around the hammock for pose use.


Your hammock arrives hooked and ready to go. Attach your swing to your ceiling hooks, daisy chains, or rope and start flying!

The installation of the attachment point is the responsibility of the hammock owner, and Pink Namaste does not currently sell installation kits or hardware. Our official recommendation is to hire a licensed contractor, professional aerial rigger or engineer to assist with hammock installation that is both safe and structurally secure. The hammock owner is solely responsible for the attachment point installation security and safety. This information page is not intended as instructional, but rather as helpful resources for installing a hammock attachment point.  


How to tie the hammock


A nice place to start learning some aerial routines and explore possibilities

link for simple and more complex aerial flows:


Here is a link to a WikiHow on hanging aerial yoga hammocks:


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