Deep Nidra Eyepillow

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Tags: Eye Pad, organic cotton, flax seed

Flaxseed, Scented, Organic Cotton Eyepillow

These simple yet exquisite eyepillows are made with organic cotton and filled with flaxseeds. They have a soothing, pure herbal scent and exert a gentle weight onto the eyes helping you to let go into the deepest relaxation.

Made in Tirupur, South India according to Fair Trade Standards

colour available: lime green

measurements: 20 x10cm, 8x 4”

Certified Organic

GOTS certificate license no: CU820188

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About Pink Namaste

We believe that we can be catalysts for change, doing what we love. It is time for new business models to replace the old.

Since 2004, Pink Namaste supports small cooperatives, fair trade and traditional art forms. We aim to use recycled and organic materials in our manufacture, wherever possible.

Completing the circle we support social and environmental projects in India. Up to date we have financed tailoring lessons for ladies near Mysore, training sessions in organic farming for tribal people in Karnataka, and are currently supporting the making of an organic garden farm near Mysore.
We believe that business can be fun,
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